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Better Link Cursor for IE

One more quick new feature for tonight!

In IE, by default an image that is a link doesn't get the special pointer cursor when the mouse is over it. In IE that can look like the link isn't really a link. We've modified psd2css Online to add some CSS to make even IE display the hand pointer when the mouse is over an image link.

It looks great - give it a try!

A Little Style For Your Text

We've added a new feature today to help you stylize your text a little. Now you can define a color for your text while creating your PSD design.

When you define a '_text' layer in your Photoshop file for conversion to a text layer, psd2css Online generates some CSS to define your text for you. By default the text is made bright red - so you can find it in your page easily and customize it. But it's a pretty bright red and you probably want another color that you might already have in your PSD design.

Create a Complete Multipage Website from a Single Photoshop File

Create a Complete Multipage Website from a Single Photoshop File

psd2css Online now generates External CSS Style Sheets

When you use psd2css Online to convert your PSD web page design to a dynamic web page, an external CSS style sheet is now generated instead of all of the CSS being written into the HTML file.

Originally psd2css Online generated only a single HTML file and the images. It made more sense to keep all the CSS inside the HTML file. But now psd2css Online generates potentially a number of javascript files and other external CSS files as well. Now the advantages of an external CSS style sheet out weigh the cleanliness of fewer files.

JS-Kit Gets Funding

The folks who provide us with our awesome _comments feature have received funding.

A Dynamic Calendar Date Picker for Your Forms

A Dynamic Calendar Date Picker for Your Forms

Hover Menus: Just Point with your Mouse to Open a Menu

Hover Menus: Just Point with your Mouse to Open a Menu

New Cleaner Example of the Dyanmic Menus with No Coding

All of the old demos for menus are not pretty. So I made a new demo page. All of the animated menu functionality was created by just drawing it in Photoshop - psd2css Online took care of writing all the code to make it work. Check it out:

PNG Fix for IE6

psd2css Online relies heavily on PNG images for the final output. Today we added javascript and generated code to fix the problem that Internet Explorer 6 has displaying the transparency of PNG images. Now you can use whatever levels of transparency that you would like in your design and the generated code from psd2css Online will work perfectly in all browsers including IE6 without any 'fixing' by hand.

A New Look!

Today we release the redesigned psd2css Online website. Our service is at the very front of Web 2.0 so we decided we should look a little more the part. Take a look around, try out the service. Register a new account today and get psd2css Online Unlimited for FREE for 2 weeks!

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