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Make Scrolling Content in your Webpage Without Writing Code

Make Scrolling Content in your Webpage Without Writing Code

New Demo showing Tool Tip type Hot Spots on your images!

Here's a new demonstration of how to use the '_tooltip' feature in psd2css Online to make tool tips over sections of your images. We call them Hot Spots. If you have images of products or people or anything you want that you neeed to make special note of this is a great way to do it.

There is no coding required for the Hot Spots. Just use Photoshop to design one tool tip message box. Then draw the Hot Spots over your image (one per layer) and name them with the '_empty' Layer Naming Convention. After you've converted your PSD file to HTML, just edit the DIV for each and add

Make Reusable Components for your Web Pages

Make Reusable Components for your Web Pages

Floating DIVs - Make your text wrap around your images

Floating DIVs: Make Your Text Wrap Around Your Images

Announcing psd2css Online Professional Services

Most of the support challenges over the last 10,700+ conversions from Photoshop design to CSS/XHTML web pages have been about the need to optimize and prepare a PSD file for conversion by psd2css Online. You can certainly make a PSD file with 100 layers and feed it to psd2css Online - but a web page with 100 CSS regions is almost certainly not the most efficient web page you could build. As well there are filters and special effects in Photoshop that may need some special attention, there are links to make live and text to fill in after the conversion is finished. psd2css Online does a lot of your work for you, but there can be some more effort before your ready for the web. It's all very well documented on the site but you still may not wish to take these steps yourself.

That's not to mention the myriad of possibilities when you add just a little extra programming or CSS development to a page already generated by psd2css Online.

That's why we're now offering psd2css Online Professional Services.

Now you can get the professional help from the folks who developed psd2css Online to use the tool to it's maximum and even add a little more to make your web presence exactly what you want it to be.

Read more about <a href="node/80">psd2css Online Professional Services</a>.

Expanding Sections for Dynamic Text

Expanding Sections for Dynamic Text

Notice!! There is a MUCH simpler way to do this now! You can view the tutorials below if you want, but the EASY, NEW and IMPROVED way to do it is found here:

Even though psd2css Online takes static PSD files as input, you can still use it with a little editing to get HTML/CSS web pages that expand with your dynamic content. Here is a new video tutorial that shows how.

The PSD file in the tutorial is available here:

and the generated and modified page can be viewed here:

Here is another example (notice the search bar in the region in the footer):

psd2css Online is now using jQuery

psd2css Online was recently updated to take advantage of the jQuery javascript library. jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages. psd2css Online will generate code that uses the jQuery library from some of the <a href="">Layer Naming Conventions</a> that you define in your PSD file.

How to Convert you Photoshop File into a CSS HTML Fast and Easy

Just upload your Photoshop PSD file and download your HTML file. It's fast and easy. And your output is always 100% CSS and XHTML compliant.

Check out the <a href="/node/3">Tutorials</a> or <a href="/node/1">just get started now</a>.

<a href=""></a>

Menus without writing code!

Menus Without Writing Code

That's right, you can now have psd2css Online generate drop down and fly out menus for you quickly and easily without writing a single line of code.

Forms and Centering

Forms and Centering

Here's a new video tutorial to show you how you can have psd2css Online automatically generate html forms for you. You'll see how to have psd2css Onlin center your page for you too.

Here are .psd files and the resulting index.php file from the tutorial:

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